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OFFICE OF THE:  Guidance Counsellors

DATE: September 26, 2016

TO:  Potential Graduates of 2017

FROM: Mr. Wade Van Snick and Mrs. Shelly Anderson,  School Counsellors


     Welcome back to another school year.  By this time, you will have settled down to the routine of classes, homework, etc.

     Since you are in your final year in high school, it is important that you have as much information as possible to help you to make the transition from school to work or post-secondary education smoothly.




If you plan on graduating this year, you should check your credits to make certain that you will have the necessary credits. You were given a Graduation Application & Credit Check and asked to return it to Guidance if there were errors.  The Guidance Department will also be checking, but you also have a responsibility to ensure that you are meeting graduation requirements.




An integral part of the career education programs for graduating students is the opportunity to listen to representatives from the various post secondary institutions.  This will be your first contact with those institutions where you will get first hand information about their courses, admissions procedures, scholarships, etc.

  1. We are having representatives from most of the Atlantic universities and community colleges visit the school on Thursday, November 10th, 9:00am – 11:20am.  Grade 12 students will participate in break-out sessions.  There will be an opportunity for both parents/guardians and students (grades 9-12) to attend an evening session scheduled for Wednesday, November 9th, 7:00pm – 8:00pm in the gymnasium.
  2. Many universities and private colleges will make individual visits to our school looking to speak to those   students interested in their school.  Listen to the announcements or Like J it on the ARHS Facebook page.  We encourage these institutions to come during our lunch time where interested students can drop by and visit on their off time. (MTA-Sept. 27; UNB-Sept. 30; MSVU-Oct. 11; MUN-Nov. 10; SMU-Nov. 17)
  3. The RCMP recruiting team will not be making local career presentations this year.  The closest location will be Dieppe, New Brunswick.  See Mr. Van Snick for further details if you are interested in RCMP.
  4. If any student is interested in Canadian Forces Recruiting let Mr. Van Snick or Mrs. Anderson know.  With enough interest they will come to our school.




Another important aspect of our Career Education Program is a follow-up visit to the university, college, etc., of your choice.  This gives you the opportunity to attend lectures and actually investigate the facilities on your own.  Most importantly, you have the chance to meet with the professors and to talk to the students themselves and get their impressions on all the major aspects of student life:  academic, social and cultural.  If you are interested in visiting any post-secondary institution, we can give you contact information.  However, you will have to make arrangements for your school absence and for your own transportation.  Pay attention for Open House announcements.  DAL – (Halifax, Oct. 22 - Truro, Oct 29); MSVU – Nov. 13; SMU – Oct. 28 & Nov. 19 and 24;  UNB (Fredericton – Oct. 15) (Saint John – Oct. 22);  MTA – Oct. 14; Acadia – Oct. 21 & Nov. 4; Crandall – Nov. 21, MUN (Grenfell Campus, Oct. 17); UKings – Oct. 22; STU – Nov. 5; STFX – book online; Holland College – Nov. 5 & Feb. 4 (Campus tours); NSCC – Test Drive dates on or Open House – Oct. 18 (waive application fee).





Application forms for admission to universities/colleges may be obtained from the individual school websites. 


Ordinarily your application should not be submitted until after you have obtained your first semester marks, however, most universities do offer early admission.  Early admission is only for those students who have a minimum of 80% average in their grade 11 year.  If you do apply early, you need to submit your 1st semester grades as well, once report cards have been distributed. Up-to-date calendars and viewbooks are available to look at in the guidance office for most universities and colleges across Canada.  Remember that a minimum average of 70% is required for admission to most universities. You should be aware that an average of 70% does not guarantee admission.  For many programs, the cut off average is much higher.



Application process is open continuously once a student starts grade 11.   Some programs are already full for 2017-2018 while some are wait-listed and others still open.  Seats are filled on a first qualified, first served basis.  See the website for program openings.





An average of 80% and greater on courses needed for admission qualifies, in most cases, for an entrance award.  The higher the average (increments of 5%) the higher the offer.  NSCC also has an entrance award (1 per campus) covering 1st year tuition, you must apply in writing for this award.


ARHS Local Scholarships/Bursaries:

There are over one hundred local scholarships and bursaries available to ARHS graduating students. These applications have due dates in the Spring.  We will have an assembly to go over these prior to March Break.


Check the ARHS website, ARHS Facebook page, the Guidance Bulletin Boards, and listen to announcements regarding other scholarships with an earlier deadline.  For example, the following scholarships are now on the PowerSchool Daily Bulletin:

  1. Loran Award deadline Oct. 19(sponsored);  Oct. 26 (direct pool)
  2. TD Scholarships for Community Leadership deadline Nov. 18


NOTE:  Please complete a Guidance Information Sheet (also found on the ARHS Website - - this will state your activities during your high school years – including school and community activities and positions held.  Once completed, please give a copy to the guidance office to be held on file.  This will become your application for many of the local scholarship and bursaries that do not require individual application.   It will also serve as a guide when providing students with reference letters.


Outside ARHS Scholarships/Bursaries:

ARHS Website - Look under tab:  Guidance




Sign a sheet (name and number of copies needed) on the front desk in the main office to have transcripts prepared.  No cost for transcript for grade 12 students.  NOTE:  Before you send a transcript, be sure to check it over carefully!  You are responsible to notify a Guidance Counsellor of any errors or omissions.




Each year a number of students from this school join thousands of others from across Canada for a one-week

program at the Terry Fox Center, Ottawa.  There are thirteen different themes from which to choose.  The “Forum experience” brings students to Ottawa for an intensive academic adventure that immerses them in the exciting world of national politics and public affairs.  Most students are able to find sponsors to cover their share of the cost of the program.  For further information and application forms, please contact the guidance office.  Space is limited.  You must be 14-17 years of age at start of the week you attend.  See Mrs. Anderson in Guidance.  Visit:





We would like to give you a few tips which might help to make your career decisions a little easier:

  1. Use the Guidance Resource Room and the Library, which contain pamphlets, booklets, calendars, etc.  Most of this material can be signed out for a few days.
  2. Check the Web for information on universities, scholarships, careers, etc.
  3. Talk to people who are engaged in the career that interests you.
  4. Discuss your plans with your parents, teachers and counsellor.
  5. Volunteer in your area of interest, get a part-time job/summer job.




Certificates/Diplomas – Community College/Private School programs (1 year vs 2 year)


Undergraduate Studies – Programs leading to the first university degree (4 year degree) – i.e. B.A. (Bachelor of Arts), B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science), B.Comm. (Bachelor of Commerce), B.B.A. (Bachelor of Business Administration), are usually four years long.  Some, such as B.Eng. (Bachelor of Engineering) and Co-op programs may take five years.


2nd Degree/Graduate Studies – These are degrees after completion of some or all of a first degree i.e.: L.L.B. (Law), M.D. (Medicine), D.D.S. (Dentistry), B.Ed. (Bachelor of Education), M.A. (Master of Arts), Ph.D. (Doctorate), M.S.W. (Social Work), and M.L.S. (Library Science). A Ph.D. (Doctorate) follows completion of a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree.

This is only a brief summary of the degrees available.  Further information including admission requirements, etc. is available in the guidance office.




In closing, we want to wish each of you a successful year.  We hope that this year at A.R.H.S. will be a memorable one for you.  We intend to meet with each of you individually to discuss your plans.


If you want to see us in the meantime, please make an appointment in the main office.  Feel free to come in and discuss any concerns – whether educational or otherwise.  The guidance office, which is located down the hall from the Main Office, is open from 8:30am to 3:00pm.