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2021 Exam Information and Schedule

Please see attached documents with information about Exam processes and schedules.

Welcome back!

Dear ARHS Families:

We at Amherst Regional High School hope you and your family are enjoying a safe summer. School is back in session on September 8, and after almost 6 months apart, we are excited to welcome you back.

With COVID-19 rates at low levels, students will return to school following the full opening model outlined in Nova Scotia’s Back to School Plan. To learn more about the plan, please visit www.novascotia.ca/backtoschool.

We know you have a lot of questions. We do not have all the answers yet, and the answers we give now may change depending on the health of Nova Scotians. If conditions change, our approach will change, including a possible move to either a blended learning model or at-home learning model. The direction to move to a different learning model will be given by Public Health as they assess COVID-19. Should this happen, we will let you know as soon as possible.

As you may have already heard, there are some key changes coming to school in September. This includes:

  • Mask use for all students who ride a school bus.
  • Mask use for all students in grades 4 to 12 and all staff, when they are unable to physically distance
  • Enhanced cleaning in our schools
  • Increased handwashing and sanitizing as students enter and exit school and throughout the day.

While these measures will become commonplace in schools across our province, I want to provide you more details about what your child’s day will look like for this year in the attached PDF document called, Back to School 2020-21 Information Sheet. Please review this important document as it does highlight significant changes you and your family should be aware of for the upcoming school year.

I will be sharing more Amherst Regional High School specific updates before September 8th. Also, I  will be sharing more information on any specific programming changes, schedule changes, food services, school routines, day to day operations and important dates.

We realize there is a lot of information about new routines and changes. But, there are some things that haven’t changed. We are still committed to providing the best education and support for your child. Our school will continue to be a welcoming space where we focus on positive relationships between students and staff. When you are talking to your child about coming back to school, please let them know we are excited to see them again.

Working together, we can all help students feel safe and supported when they return to school. Let’s keep the lines of communication open to make this a positive year. Please reach out if you have specific questions or concerns.


Aaron Stubbert


Amherst Regional High School


Cumberland Supports during COVID-19 Pandemic

Please see the attchaed document for local Cumberland Supports during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Electronic devices and Exam Procedures

Personal Electronic updates for exams: The following are exam room expectations relating to personal electronic devices for students. During exams students are directed to place their cell phones, smart watches (Apple Watch, Fitbit etc), and earbuds either in their book bags at the front of the gym or somewhere other than the exam room.

Exams January 2020

Please see attached information and exam schedule.

Exam Exemption Update


Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students,

Over the fall months of 2019, Principals throughout our region guided their School Advisory Councils through discussion to carefully examine CCRCE’s current Examination Exemption Protocol in high school courses. The review of the Protocol began because many schools felt that exemptions were no longer serving their original purpose, which was to motivate regular student attendance.



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